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These Ways Can Remove Cement From Ceramics Very Fast

HCL solution or commonly known as hydrochloric acid is a compound that has also been proven effective in removing cement marks on ceramics. To get the benefits of HCL in this case itself is fairly easy. you just need to mix the solution into a bucket filled with clean water. The very high acid content of the HCL solution can damage the floor surface if too much is used. Therefore, make sure you mix it with clean water with the right percentage. Do not use it too much because it can damage the ceramic surface, and damage human skin. Therefore, if you don’t want to take any risks, you can always hire the tile cleaning north shore

Not much different from HCL, hydrogen peroxide is a powerful chemical that can be used to remove cement from ceramics. However, one thing you need to remember before using this ingredient is to make sure you mix hydrogen peroxide with white flour. This mixing is meant to make the hydrogen peroxide liquid coagulate and turn into a paste. If it has formed like a paste, you can apply it to the cement-affected ceramic area until it completely covers it. Let stand overnight so that it is fully absorbed if it is rinsed with cold water the next day.

The next way is you can rub it with a pumice stone. However, if you use this method, make sure you don’t rub it with too much pressure because the hard surface of the pumice stone can damage the surface of the tile floor as well. Therefore, make sure you rub it on the affected area only. Also, the next thing you need to pay attention to is to soak the pumice stone first in warm water. Soaking in warm water can minimize the occurrence of scratches that can damage ceramics. Besides, don’t forget to use gloves so you don’t injure your hands when rubbing them with ceramic.

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