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Research On The Benefits Of Praying

Although technological developments have become more sophisticated in modern times and medical equipment has become so sophisticated, still, people still believe in the power of prayer. Every time a person suffers an illness, people still pray to God to be healed. Often this prayer is answered and the person is given healing. This is proof of the power of prayer. Many people also believe in an that can give them more strength when facing an illness that they cannot stand.

Many researchers try to find the secret of the power of prayer in terms of medical science. Research around the relationship between prayer and health actually existed from the 19th century. British scientists at that time tried to find answers to the habits of the King in England who often prayed for his people. In previous studies, it was indeed found an attachment to prayer with health. Research at that time took samples from several existing beliefs such as Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism.

Other research on the power of prayer has also been carried out by one of the health schools in the UK. The study found a third of adults who were studied using prayer as part of an effort to cure the disease. Of the patients who used the prayer, 75% prayed for good and 22% for certain health conditions. Of those who pray, 70% claim that prayer is very helpful.

Then how can prayer be able to cure someone? This is what researchers are trying to uncover until now. However, in broad outline, the researchers provide the initial presumption that prayer can be used as a means of relaxation and able to emit positive energy.

When someone prays, then that’s when one can calm his mind apart from other activities so as to provide a refreshing body and soul. Prayer is also able to make an impact in the form of better and positive conditions in the soul, thoughts, perceptions, memory, intentions, wills, and the like. Prayer improves the state of the soul and emotions and leads to a state of calm which then radiates to all sides of life for those who pray.

One researcher explained that emotions are the key to the power of prayer. Emotion can link what prayer is able to do to the condition of mind and body. In the brain tissue, there is a hypothalamic-pituitary system. This system is the main communication channel that connects the mind and emotions with the carrier molecules that are released into the nerve fluid and pass through the circulatory system throughout the body. It is at this level that positive emotions evoke changes in bodily functions that have a major impact on our health.

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