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India Must Prepare To Welcome iPhone 12 Production

After being introduced globally in October 2020, Apple has now begun assembling its newest cellphone line, the iPhone 12, in India. Foxconn was appointed as its manufacturing partner. Foxconn is a Taiwanese electronic device manufacturer that has long been a partner of Apple. Reportedly, the iPhone 12 will be produced at Foxconn’s assembly plant located in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Apple is proud to start iPhone 12 production in India for our local customers there. Apart from that, if this news makes you want to buy or sell Apple’s stock index, you can visit to find brokers who can help you buy or sell the NASDAQ100 stock index.

For now, only one model from the iPhone 12 line has been assembled in India, namely the regular iPhone 12. There is no word on when the other iPhone 12 models, the Pro, Pro Max, and Mini versions, will be assembled there. Apple started assembling iPhones in India in 2017, starting with the iPhone SE. India itself is one of the largest smartphone markets in the world. The iPhone parcel in India was marked by demonstrations and riots at the end of last year because workers were not paid for months.

Apple only controls 2 percent of the market share there but has recently increased. In the quarter ending December 2020, for example, Apple recorded 1.5 million cellphone shipments in India, growing 100 percent year-over-year. Recently, Apple has been increasingly investing in India. Its first online shop will officially open in the country in 2020, while its first physical store will follow this year. Apple is expected to divert 7-10 percent of iPhone production to India to reduce dependence on China, following tensions from the trade war between the United States and the Bamboo Curtain country. Apart from India, Foxconn reportedly will also move some of the production of MacBook laptops and iPad tablets to Vietnam.

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