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You Must Consider These Points Before Renting A VPS Service

There are so many VPSs offered by hosting providers today, this can make you even more confused in making your choice. To protect yourself from purchasing mistakes, you should not be lured into offering cheap prices, first, check the specifications you will get. Don’t buy a VPS wrong so that your website can’t run as expected. To avoid all of that, it seems that you need to know about how to choose a good VPS according to your needs because for the price it cannot be a benchmark for choosing a VPS, what could be the benchmark is the needs of your website. Meanwhile, if you are interested in trying a VPS service before renting it for real, you can try free vps from right away.

Determine the purpose of using the VPS

VPS is not only a website data storage medium, there are various other functions that you can get from a VPS including high specifications, large storage capacity, security, and more stable speed.

Adjust to the needs of visitors

If you previously used shared hosting and are planning to move to a VPS service, then you can think about the VPS specifications that can accommodate all website visitors. So you can choose a higher specification, especially for RAM and Processors.

The operating system used

There are 2 types of operating systems used for VPS users, namely Linux VPS and Windows VPS. The operating system is vital because it will affect its backwardness, especially for application settings and compatibility issues. For those of you who are not familiar with Linux, I would rather take a Windows VPS, even though the price is more expensive but the advantage is that you will find it easier to set up a VPS.

Bandwidth capacity

Most VPS services will provide bandwidth limits to each VPS service. Unlimited bandwidth VPS packages will usually be sold at a higher price. Just remember that bandwidth is the capacity of the maximum volume of data that can be transferred, so if the VPS bandwidth is used up, usually the speed will decrease or be suspended from the VPS provider. So you need to estimate the amount of incoming traffic and content on the website whether it requires large bandwidth or not.

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