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You Must Consider Processor And Ram To Choose Laptops For Video Editing

One segment that is busy being targeted by laptop manufacturers is content creators because reportedly the demand for laptops in this segment is fairly large. The content creators referred to here are examples of photographers, graphic designers, 3D animators, and video editors. So, laptops with specifications such as what is needed for such jobs? Meanwhile, you can go to Gear Hint if you’re looking for high-quality laptops.

Processor and RAM

These are the two components that are arguably the most important for laptop content creators. Most of the applications they use are optimized to take advantage of modern CPUs with a large number of cores.

So the easiest way to choose it is, the more cores you have, the better it will usually be. Besides the number of cores, another important thing about this processor is the number of threads it has. The rules are the same, the more the better.

We must choose laptops with multi-core processors, just like the i7. Our software has been optimized to take advantage of multithread so you will be able to maximize this chip.

To assess the ability of the processor, usually, the software used is Cinebench, because it has the same principles with software editors such as Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, which are made to be able to distribute ‘work’ to all cores owned by the processor.

Need a Cinebench benchmark score? A score above 700 is actually already relatively good for a laptop, aka already qualified enough to be used to process videos. Although in fact, the current score of laptop processors like Intel Core i7-9750H can easily penetrate the score of 900, or even 1000 if the temperature can be kept low.

The matter of RAM is easy, choose with the largest capacity, and even try to activate the ‘dual channel’ in its RAM. Usually, there are laptop makers who provide additional SODIMM slots so that users can add RAM and activate ‘dual channel’ so that performance increases.

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