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You Can Try These Ways To Maintain Your Walls

For you who have a house or are leasing a house, surely the beauty of the house is one of the things that you prioritize. No wonder really, because of the fact, things in the house can affect our mood directly, the easiest example is the color condition of the walls of your house. Unfortunately, many think that taking care of the walls of the house to stay clean from stains and dirt, certainly requires no small cost. That’s why if your wall becomes very dirty but you want to clean it without wasting too much money, we recommend you to learn more about our high-pressure wall cleaning service.

Well, this time we have some tips to be more efficient in caring for home walls, such as:

Clean the dust on the wall with a downy broom

The first and most common problem people feel about the condition of the walls is the presence of dust in certain parts, for example in the corners of the room or behind furniture or home furniture. To maintain the color of the walls of your house, try periodically cleaning the walls using a downy broom. Because if kept silent, over time can make the walls become dull, don’t you want to?

Make wall soap with baking soda

If you think that wall washing soap is definitely hard to find and the price is expensive, don’t be sad first. Because, actually cleaning the wall can be done by using baking soda, aka baking soda. The ingredients of this cake are already well-known to solve various problems at home, don’t you agree? How to use it is also easy you know, just put baking soda powder on the cloth you have wet, then clean the dirty walls. It’s easy, right?

Utilizing lemons for stubborn dirt

Is there stubborn dirt on the walls of the house? Don’t worry, you can also use lemon to clean it. Just rub lemon flesh into the dirty part of the wall until it’s clean. Afterward, you also don’t need to rinse it with water, because the fresh scent of lemon can be a natural air freshener.

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