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You Can Try These Simple Ways To Maintain Your Kitchen Knives Correctly

You Can Try These Simple Ways To Maintain Your Kitchen Knives Correctly

As one of the kitchen equipment that is quite often used. When cooking, a knife is used to cut ingredients and seasonings. Well, because it is often used, the knives are often unnoticed so they are less durable. When a knife has been used for a long time, it will lose its sharpness, and people may think it becomes less dangerous to use when it happens. Unfortunately, in fact, when a knife is blunt, it increases the risk of an accident to happen. On the other hand, if you’re currently also looking for excellent Japanese steel knives, we suggest you read some of the Kamikoto reviews.

If you want your kitchen knife to be more durable, you can follow a few simple ways to care for a kitchen knife. Here’s how to do it:

1. Wash the knife by hand. Avoid using a dishwasher so that your knife is not damaged.

2. Place the knife on the edge of the dishwasher with the blade protruding into the sink.

3. Rub the knife with a dishwasher sponge first dipped in water that has been lime juice pressed.

4. Hold the handle of the knife while you rinse the tip under running water.

5. Wipe your kitchen knife using a dry cloth.

In addition to noticing how to properly wash a kitchen knife, you also need to treat the knife in the following ways:

1. Store the knife properly. This method can keep the blade sharp and safe from the reach of children.

2. Sharpen the knife regularly.

3. Avoid washing knives by using a dishwasher.

4. Avoid the use of cutting boards made of ceramic, glass, or marble so that the knife is not easily damaged.

5. Wash your kitchen knife immediately after use. It is also useful so that food debris or stains do not stick to the knife.

6. After washing, you must immediately dry the kitchen knife with a cloth towel so that the stains of water crust does not remain on its surface.

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