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You Can Try These Simple Tricks To Repair Borken Laptops Or PCs

You Can Try These Simple Tricks To Repair Borken Laptops Or PCs

Most people will immediately contact an expert or visit a computer service center that sometimes costs quite a lot. Unfortunately, not infrequently unlicensed service centers might trick you by asking you to replace another device that is very expensive! Let’s try this method first to repair various problems in your computer.

Please read the following information:

Check the Power Cable

Many things can trigger the computer booting problem. It could be caused by problems with the operating system, hard drive or motherboard. However, if you’ve checked all three of these things and found no problems, try checking the power cable on the computer that connects the PSU with the power station. It could be that the cable is not in good condition due to the blown fuse. Just replace the power cable and the computer can function again.

Slow computer

One of the most common complaints found is a matter of a slow laptop or computer performance. Most people blame the condition of the hard drive that needs to be defragmented or a slow processor. However, if you use a computer older than 5 years, then this is the problem.

However, in many cases, the CPU can be a factor in why your computer is running slow due to a lack of RAM. If this happens, immediately upgrade your RAM memory. Make sure before buying, you already know what type of RAM that is suitable for the motherboard on the computer.

Laptops Exposed to Water Spills

First, unplug the power cable and immediately turn off the computer or laptop. Use a towel to absorb water by just pressing it gently or putting it down, don’t wipe it because it can make the water spread.

Then, remove the battery by trying to position the device in a horizontal state. Next, focus on drying by using a hairdryer. To prevent damage, after drying the water immediately condition the device in the position like the letter V, so that water droplets can flow. Or use rice to absorb water. Perform this process within 24 to 36 hours. Most likely, the damage occurred only on the keyboard.

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