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Work Tools of Electricians

Work Tools of Electricians

Every technician certainly needs equipment or tools used to perform various jobs and repairs.

Likewise, with the Electrician, they will not be able to escape from various electrical work tools that must be taken when going to do the work, whether it will install an electrical installation, make electrical repairs, or just to conduct inspection and maintenance various electrical equipment and equipment.

1. Testpen

Testpen is a work tool that must be taken wherever electrical technicians work. Testpen serves as a working tool to detect or check whether an electric appliance is voltage-driven or not. The shape of this tool is small, lightweight, easy to carry and placed in a pocket, and can also be used to open small size screws.

To maintain safety at work, every electrical technician must first make sure any equipment to be inspected or repaired, whether still in tension or not by using a testpen, before starting work.

2. Tang

Tang or plier is a kind of lever, which is made of metal with rubber coated (Isolation) section handle (handle). Actually, the tang is also widely used for mechanic work, mechanics, engine technicians, carpenters, and other work.

Specifically for electrical technicians, the pliers used must be specially designed for electrical work, having insulating or rubber material on the handle (handle) with the ability of the insulator material to reach 1000Volt (insulating breakdown voltage). So, it is safe to use on the work related to Voltage Electricity.

3. Screwdriver

The screwdriver is an elongated round tool, made of metal with coated rubber material/insulator section grip (Handle). Similar to the tang, a screwdriver is not only used for electric power tools, Screwdriver is also used by engine technician, mechanical, carpenter, and so on.

However, the Screwdriver used for Electrical Technicians (Electrician) should have a special design, enclosed with rubber material or Isolator on almost all parts of the screwdriver except on the tip (Screwdriver), with an insulating voltage penetration resistance of 1000Volt. so it is safe to use for various work related to Electrical voltage.

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