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What Is Police Certificate?

You may often hear the term police certificate. Formerly this letter was known as a certificate of good behavior. Generally, a police certificate is required when you are looking for work or registering a particular agency. Then what is the meaning and function of the police certificate? The police certificate is an extension of the police certificate. In the letter, there is an identity name, address, date of birth along with a note from someone about the history of criminal acts within a certain period. You can make a police certificate at the police station according to your needs. The police check certificate issued by each agency has different uses.

The sector police force is the structure of the National Police at the sub-district level. Police certificate issued by the police can be used for various purposes, including applying for jobs in private companies. Generally, private companies do not require police certificates to complete the applicant’s documents, but there are some large companies that require applicants to include police certificates.

A police certificate issued by the police station can also be used to complete requirements for continuing school or college, as well as requirements for moving residents. In some areas, residents who want to move domicile to other areas are required to include a police certificate issued by the police to make a letter of resettlement.

In addition, a police certificate issued by the police was also required for someone who wanted to run for the village office and to extend employment contracts such as private employees in regional public hospitals. Police certificates issued by the police can also be used to make a business license and as a condition in making seaman books. A seaman’s book is an official document issued by a country whose physical appearance is similar to a passport. The seaman’s book contains the seaman’s identity and functions as a seaman’s travel document and works record.

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