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What Is A Flight Control System?

An aircraft control system is a collection of mechanical and electronic equipment that enables an aircraft to be operated with precision. Theodore Talay, in a book titled “Introduction to the Aerodynamics of Flight” said the aircraft control system is a system that allows pilots to change the condition of aircraft in flight. In general, following the model of the plane made by the Wright brothers, the aircraft can fly because it produces lift from the air which pushes the wings upward. This happens when the aircraft wing design is made certain. In the air, moving aircraft make use of aerodynamic properties. The aircraft control system is a system that manipulates aerodynamics. Aside from that, if you are currently working with the Fly-By-Wire flight control system but its ball screws are broken, we highly recommend you to call for this excellent get the facts company.

The aircraft control system consists of surface control, cockpit, computer, to sensors. However, fundamentally, the aircraft control system is an actuator. Actuator aircraft control systems were first used in the Bleriot VIII mono (monoplane) aircraft in the early 20th century. The plane was created by Louis Bleriot.

Bleriot is an aviation figure born in 1872 in France. He created the plane several times, one of which is famous is Bleriot XI, a 25-horsepower aircraft. Using Bleriot XI, Bleriot flew across England, Kalais, France, and Dover. Bleriot’s planes were widely used in world military units in the 20th century, including France, Britain, Italy, Austria, and Russia.

Actuators are systems that control aircraft surface controls. It consists of ailerons, elevators, and rudder. Aileron is used to maneuver the roll angle of the aircraft. Quoted from NASA’s page, the aileron is a small section of the hinge on the wing of the aircraft, both on the right and left.

Aileron works in opposition. If the small hinge on the right is raised, the left hand will extend down. Vice versa. For this opposition work, the aerodynamic imbalance was experienced by the aircraft. One wing will get a greater lift than the other one. As a result, the aircraft can maneuver around.

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