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Do This Ways To Secure Your Online Dating!

Do This Ways To Secure Your Online Dating!

Do you include people who love Chat anywhere and anytime? Are you also including people who like to meet new people in cyberspace? If so, maybe you often do online dating. It’s OK if you get acquainted with someone in cyberspace. But, do you know the dangers of online dating? Misinforming people may make you an easy target for criminal acts from people who are not responsible. Well, this time I will give you some tips for you to be safe when doing online dating. Check it out!

Choose a site with a good reputation
Like choosing an online store, you also have to be smart to choose a reputable chat site, yes at least verified and can hide personal data. Better still if the chat site does not require your personal email.

Do not hurry to meet
Never ask for a meeting with someone you just met. It would be better if you already know before, but if you do not know at all, never do that. Chat with him several times first, until you are absolutely sure if he is really a good person.

Ask for lots of photos of him
You can also ask him to send you a photo, as much as possible. Photos can deceive. By knowing many photos, you can be sure if the person is genuine and real there. He can just take photos from the internet and then given to you.

Keep evidence of your interactions with him
Do not trigger to delete your chat with him, both conversations and photos. This is just in case something bad happens to you. Later the authorities will be easy to find you with the evidence.

Do not give your personal profile
Never install your personal data on the online dating website profile. This personal data includes a mobile phone number, home address, and some other personal data that can make you easy to track. The danger is also if the person knows who you are and where you are. You can easily be targeted for further criminal acts.

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