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Visit The Beaches When You Live in Australia

Visit The Beaches When You Live in Australia

Living in another country for more than 2 years is unlikely if you do not visit a well-known tourist site, however, these attractions have an appeal and become a momentum when you are living in the country after so long. Not to miss for those of you who spend time living in Australia and have been doing Immigration Australia for years. Surely you have been enjoying these beaches, Bondi Beach is located 7 kilometers east of the Sydney City business center. This beach became one of the tourist destinations that are never deserted by domestic and foreign tourists. Lots of water sports you can do here. From beach volleyball to surfing. In addition, Bondi Beach is also home to a variety of local and international festivals. Like, a leisurely stroll to City to Surf and a kite festival. If tired of the move, do not worry. Here there is a restaurant that provides delicious dishes.

There are so many tourist destinations you can visit if you are in this country. Starting from visiting Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbor, or if you are a water enthusiast, then you can visit the beaches which will certainly make your holiday very enjoyable. A coastal city located in South Queensland. Hervey Bay becomes one of the best places to enjoy the underwater natural beauty. With a subtropical climate, here you can swim, snorkel, scuba diving, sailing or fishing. If you visit here in July and November, you can have a chance to see whales migrating. Afterward, take a walk to Hervey Bay Esplanade. Plenty of cafes and shops, picnic area, playground, and marina.

Australia is a country with many states. Everything has its own uniqueness and beauty. It also makes this Kangaroo affair has a variety of tourist attractions. Fine sand and clear water will welcome you when you first come to Jervis Bay. South Beach of New South Wales is a beautiful place and of course, you will not be disappointed if a visit here. The clear water will certainly make you impatient to immediately feel it. You can try scuba diving with different experiences. In addition, here tourists can see whales and dolphins are swimming. If you want more exciting, you can camp here and visit the coastal villages.

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