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Various Conditions Requiring Medical Rehabilitation

Various Conditions Requiring Medical Rehabilitation

Medical rehabilitation is a therapy performed to restore the function of the body that is experiencing problems. Usually for someone who has undergone treatment or surgery due to severe injury, infection, stroke, or tumor. The need for medical rehabilitation covers all ages, both men, and women, with different types and levels of rehabilitation. The medical rehabilitation actions performed will be adjusted to the conditions and physical limitations experienced. One of the medical rehabilitation you can do is to visit physiotherapy clinic in Orchard Road, Singapore.

The following are some medical conditions or disorders that require medical rehabilitation:

– Rehabilitation of patients with hernia nucleus pulposus (HNP)
Hernia nucleus pulposus (HNP) is a disease in which the pads or discs between the vertebrae clamp a nerve behind it. This condition is commonly referred to as the nerve spin. Usually, within a few weeks if the patient is still experiencing pain after being given the drug, then the doctor will suggest physiotherapy. This physiotherapy action aims to help alleviate back pain experienced, as well as help improve the position of the spine.

– Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients
Medical rehabilitation in stroke patients or stroke rehabilitation is very important in restoring the ability and strength of body movement and improve quality of life. Thus, it is expected through stroke rehabilitation, can stabilize medical conditions, control life-threatening conditions, limit stroke-related complications, and prevent stroke recurrence in the future. In addition, it can also return independently to perform daily activities. Approaches to stroke rehabilitation include physical activity, such as motor skills training, as well as cognitive and emotional rehabilitation approaches.

Medical rehabilitation can be obtained in the form of occupational therapy, vision therapy, and speech therapy, tailored to the needs of each person. In essence, medical rehabilitation or physiotherapy aims to restore the function of the body is disturbed due to suffering a condition or disease. The end result of medical rehabilitation depends on the severity of the condition and the ability of the rehabilitation team to handle. In addition, the motivation and passion of patients who undergo therapy also greatly determine the success of medical rehabilitation.

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