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Before Using Face Serum, Understand It First

Before Using Face Serum, Understand It First

Easy to find face serum products. But not everyone knows about the usefulness to choose the right facial serum. Though for effective skin care, facial serum has a very important role. What is a facial serum? This facial serum is usually sold in small vials with clear and lightly textured liquid. Generally contain active ingredients, such as vitamins and antioxidants. Using a serum before use of moisturizer, sunscreen, or night cream can provide better results for skin beauty. Because of water-based, serum is generally very quickly absorbed by the skin. But there is also a serum that contains less oil that can moisturize the skin better. What are the benefits and usefulness of facial serum?

There is a myriad of benefits that we can get from using the facial serum on a regular basis. Starting from making the skin feel tighter, keep skin moist, disguise wrinkles in the face, prevent premature aging, nourish the skin, smooth the skin, and remove the spots and blemishes acne scars. Always pay attention to the active ingredients contained in the serum to know the best benefits. How to use good and correct serum? Do not wear serum when the face is not completely clean. For the sake of getting the best results, make sure you wash your face clean, then use toner. Allow about 3 minutes until the toner is completely absorbed, just use a serum. No need to overuse in using a serum. Just 3-4 drops are evenly applied to facial points like forehead, cheeks, and chin. You can use this serum during the day or night, adjust it to your needs and comfort.

Is the use of facial serum mandatory? Can not say everyone needs a serum. Depending on the skin type and needs. If you think your skin is fine and well-maintained, there’s no need to add serum. But if you still feel the need to use serum to keep the beauty and skin health more maximal again, then you can use the serum on a regular basis. What types of serums are there? You could say there are so many types of serum. Starting from the function to moisturize the skin until that can prevent premature aging.

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