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Types of Treatments in the Salon Apart from Hair Cut

Types of Treatments in the Salon Apart from Hair Cut

If you are a person who often goes to the salon to do hair care, you can visit our website and find hair salons near me. Besides doing hair cut, there are many other things you can do in a salon, here are some of them:

Hair Manicure
Hair manicure is suitable for hair that has been dyed but looks dull due to the influence of sunlight or pollution. This hair care series uses products with low pH and chemicals to cover the cuticles of the exposed hair. Hair manicure is done after hair washing and drying by applying a product that contains a pH balance.

So that hair health is maintained, then the hair needs to be treated routinely, one of which is creambath. This type of hair treatment is done by massaging the scalp to relax and then give a cream made from natural ingredients. Usually, the cream is applied after applying shampoo to the hair. After the head is smeared with the cream, the massage is still done so that the nutrients contained in the cream can absorb properly. Creambath is very popular because it has many benefits such as providing the nutrients needed by the hair, keeping hair from falling out, and dealing with dry, limp and dull hair.

Hair Spa
Girls who like to go to the salon are certainly familiar with the term type of hair spa treatment. This type of hair treatment is almost the same as creambath, the difference, hair spa uses ingredients and special ingredients that are more diverse and contain many vitamins such as natural oils and serums. Each ingredient’s composition varies depending on the hair care brand used. The benefits of hair spa that can be obtained are the hair becomes healthier and shinier, easier to manage hair, overcome hair problems, and provide healthy nutrition to the hair.

Before being dyed, the hair goes through a whitening process called bleaching so that the coloring results are more perfect. Even so, bleaching has the risk of causing hair to become damaged due to the influence of chemicals that go into each hair strand. Therefore, bleaching should be done in a beauty salon that is handled by a professional hairstylist. The bleaching process does not have to always be done and depends on the type of coloring desired.

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