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Trout Becomes A Sashimi Ingredient In China

Most of the sashimi served in China do not contain salmon slices, but rainbow trout pieces. Sashimi is a popular Japanese dish. This dish contains pieces of fresh raw fish that are commonly eaten with wasabi and shoyu. Which became favorite is a piece of salmon meat. The meat of the fish which is soft and not too fishy is indeed eaten raw. No wonder that sashimi is popular overseas. One of them in China. Unfortunately, the white striped orange fish cutlet is not a salmon cutlet, but pieces of rainbow trout. Meanwhile, if you really love to catch trout, we suggest you visit us to find the best rod for catching trout.

Trout itself is still a family with salmon. It’s just that salmon live in freshwater waters and then migrate to the sea. Therefore easily found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. While trout, especially rainbow trout live in freshwater. The fish species live in one habitat.

Salmon itself is included in the type of fish that has many benefits for the body. Salmon has two types of omega-3 fatty acids. Both can improve cognitive function and brain performance. Just like salmon, trout also offer omega-3 fatty acids. However, because these fish species live in rivers or lakes, trout sometimes contain a lot of mercury and hazardous waste.

With this agreement, the Chinese government allowed rainbow trout to be labeled ‘salmon’ last weekend. So if you eat sashimi in China, the piece of fish can be rainbow trout.

It all started with news that was displayed on a Chinese TV station early last year. The emcee reported the cultivation of freshwater salmon in the Tibetan plateau. Seeing the shape and habitat of the fish, many residents realize that the fish is not salmon. After being masked, the fish is rainbow trout.

Experts say that although the two types of fish are related, salmon and rainbow trout are different species.

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