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Tips to Clean Your Dashboard And Car Ceiling

Tips to Clean Your Dashboard And Car Ceiling

A dashboard is part of the car most often exposed to sun exposure. So if not done maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis will cause cracks and dashboard colors that fade. You can visit mobile detailing near San Diego, CA to clean your car. We will clean your car in detail, so your car will look like new.

How to clean the dashboard is very easy, you just need to clean the dust that sticks to the dashboard by using a duster. After that, spray cleaning fluid to the dashboard to be cleaned and wipe with a cloth. Do not press too hard because it can cause small scratches on the dashboard of your car. Also clean dust on the difficult part of the range such as dashboard corner, air conditioning blower and others with a brush. After every part have been cleaned, wipe with a dry cloth soap or cleaning liquid does not leave marks or spots. For treatment, you can apply a protective fluid or treatment protection that works to make your dashboard shiny and keep the humidity.

In addition to the dashboard, you also need to clean the car’s ceiling. Car ceiling is one of the interiors of the car that needs to be cleaned regularly. To clean it up you need to be a little careful to the ceiling of your car does not become slack, torn, or damaged. To clean the car’s ceiling, there are a few things you should know:

– You can clean the ceiling using water but do not overdo it. Use a semi-wet cloth to clean your car’s ceiling. Because the ceiling of the car consists of layered layers of material then it needs a special way to clean it.

– A layer of wool on the outside of the ceiling will be moist when exposed to water and excessive moisture will cause odor in your car. In addition, the wet part of the car can cause the growth of mold in your car.

– If you want to clean the ceiling of the car by using cleaning fluid, then choose a cleaning liquid fabric to clean the car’s ceiling. Do not use soapy water, because later on, it can be bad on the part of your car.

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