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Tips on how to get the right DJ headphones

Probably most people feel confused when it comes to choosing a headphone designed for DJ needs. Read this article to learn how to choose the best DJ headphones. By reading the related article, you may stop asking DJ headphones for your loved one. Do you want to give it as a gift or special present?

– See Headphones with DJ standard or not: One Side Cable (Fully wired in one direction), Folded (Folded in various directions) and Earpad (foam) easily replaced. One better if detachable cable or cable can be removed and mounted from the headphone, so when taken carry no caught or the cable becomes broken inside

– Note the Spec and Explanation. If there is no spec, better not to buy

– Notice the Range of Frequency. The lower limit is usually smaller Kick Bassnya more pronounced while the upper threshold means greater Treble or Hi Frequency covered well. The conclusion is very good if all the Frequency Range is complete (wide), so choose a small threshold and a big upper threshold

– Notice the price is worthed or not

For additional information, standard headphones (used by Non-DJs) have a 20 – 20Khz response frequency threshold. DJ headphones should be wider than that because DJ needs sound detail and kick bass for mixing.

The wider the reachable frequency response threshold means that the headphones will be more detailed in sound and all the music details can be heard, which will help our DJs to speed hunting/mixing. Well, if DJ headphones come with some additional features, make sure you will also check it to know whether or not you get the right one. Asking a lot of questions will not become the matter as long you come to the right headphone store. If doing the online review isn’t enough, then you can go shopping around to find some reputable physical stores that provide best quality headphones.

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