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Tips for taking photos of newborn babies like a pro

Tips for taking photos of newborn babies like a pro

As a new parent, it is appropriate to capture every moment of the development of the baby. In recent years, newborn photography is becoming a trend, with cute and adorable photos. Not many photographers have this photo studio, so the price for the shooting is quite expensive. In fact, to produce photos ala professional Newborn Photography services, we do not have to spend excessive funds.

Let’s try the following techniques so that your baby photo is as good as the studio:

Define Theme

Baby boys and girls, of course, will be different themes of photography. Before you begin, you should first define the theme. Whether he will be photographed with a theme park, cartoon, princess, or any other theme to your liking.

The determination of the theme will affect the accessories to be used, such as headbands, blankets, hats, even other knick-knacks to beautify the photos.

Wait Until He Sleeps

When the baby is sleeping peacefully, this is the perfect time to start the photo. The face of a sleeping baby must be very adorable and must be immortalized. Take from several different angles, so you get a variety of photo collections.

Photo Close-Up

Nothing is more beautiful than a newborn. Take photos at close range, Not only the part of the face in focus, but you can also take pictures of his tiny fingers, or legs. Details of the baby’s body part will be its own memory as he grows up later.

Use Natural Illumination

One important point in photography is lighting. Too much light will make the image object less visible, as well as the lack of light. For baby photography, use natural light, ie sunlight. You do not need to rent expensive lighting equipment, because the living room windows and garden terraces of the house are the two most fitting places to do the shooting. Play with angles and perspective to get the right lighting!

Do not Force a Smile

Newborns will sleep more than they wake up. And, the funniest baby photo is when he develops his smile while sleeping as if the baby is dreaming beautifully. If you want to get this moment, do not stay away from the camera so you can immediately take pictures when he started smiling.

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