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Tips for Raising Boys Who Respect Women

Tips for Raising Boys Who Respect Women

The role of parents is needed to shape the character and personality of the child. Including boys who need to be taught respect for girls of their age and those who are more mature. But how? Don’t be confused, see tips for raising your son so he can be nice to women. Before that, for you who need help in making a parenting plan, you can visit Timtab co-parenting plans.

It cannot be denied that cases of violence and sexual abuse do occur frequently. Most of the victims are girls or women. The culprit is mostly men, there are even boys who are still teenagers. Why does this happen? Violence and harassment in women occur due to a lack of understanding of the perpetrators to respect, respect and protect women. Not only harassment and violence, but this attitude of disrespect for women can also be shown in various ways. Calling with a condescending designation, demanding obedience, assuming women are weak and ignoring women’s opinions are just a few examples. Doing this action, not only builds a self-image that is bad in the eyes of others. However, they can lead them to criminal acts so they have to deal with the law.

In order for your son not to do this bad thing later, the role of parents is very much needed. One of them is to teach children to respect women or girls his age since he was little. Teaching children to be respectful and respectful of women is not an easy matter. But, you don’t have to worry.

So that children can respect women, you need to give them understanding. But remember, how to tell it must be clear and the choice of words must be easy to understand. For example, in the case of choosing or running for class chair. If the other candidate is a woman, tell the child not to demean or consider the girl to be weak. Both boys and girls can still be leaders in their class. In addition, explain also to the child not to act violently on women, such as hitting, grabbing hair, or doing other actions that hurt.

Teaching children to respect women will involve emotions in children. Children need to be taught to realize that everyone wants to be treated fairly. Regardless of sex, everyone wants to be respected, valued, treated well. So that children can feel this, they need to develop empathy. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others.

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