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Tips for cleaning the cat’s and dog’s fur at home

Tips for cleaning the cat’s and dog’s fur at home

Having pets like cats and dogs at home is fun. Her adorable behavior is so amusing. Some people even make them as friends vent. However, if you want to keep animals, including dogs and cats, you must have a great commitment. You must patiently teach them to defecate in the right places, as well as clean the feathers that are scattered. In addition to making clothes look dirty, animal hairs fall off also cause allergies. Meanwhile, perhaps you should also check out the best broom for dog hair on hardwood floors on the market.

For this one problem, we will provide the solution:

How to clean furniture

Clean the cat hair from the surface of the furniture using rubber gloves. Clean in a directional direction from top to bottom so that the feathers do not spread.
Repeat several times for maximum net. However, if you do not have rubber gloves, you can use a slightly wet sponge.

Then, spray the liquid fabric softener with water into your furniture several times. Then wipe it clean and dry.
If your furniture is made of wood, you can use a soft cloth that is slightly wet.

How to clean the floor

How to clean carpeted floors, you can use a pumice stone. The way by rubbing the rock to the entire surface of the carpet.
In addition to stone, you can also use a broomstick.

Using a vacuum cleaner can also. However, you need to do twice as much. To be more leverage.

How to clean clothes

You can use a vacuum cleaner that is hung close to the door or close to a hanging outfit.
The goal, so you always clean the clothes used before you go out and meet with colleagues or friends.

If the amount of hair is quite a lot, keep clothes on the clothes dryer to dry for 10 minutes. After that soak into the liquid softener clothes to return to normal.

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