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This Is How To Choose Muslim Clothing For Women With These 3 Body Types

This Is How To Choose Muslim Clothing For Women With These 3 Body Types

Muslim clothes are worn not just for mere fashion. However, it is imposed in order to follow one’s obligations, as stated in the Holy Qur’an. As mentioned, women or men must cover their genitals. And part of the female genitalia is the entire body except for the palms and face. For women, adjust clothes with activities that will be undertaken. You can also choose hijab clothes or new abaya according to your body type. Thus the use of hijab clothes will look right and more elegant.

You can try these 3 tips:

1. Triangle body type

This body shape means a broad body with narrow shoulders. But the pelvic body parts wider so it looks less proportional. This kind of body is known as the pear body. If you have this kind of body, you can look perfect with hijab clothes. Just wear a boss with a motif or accent, so impressing the upper body is quite crowded. Thus, people’s attention will be diverted from a large pelvis to the area above the body so that it looks more proportional.

2. Inverted triangle body type

There is a triangle body shape and vice versa there is also an inverted shape. In this case, the pelvis is smaller than the shoulder width. You should not be discouraged despite having a body model like this, because a cool look with hijab clothes can be obtained.
Wear a plain top with no detail. Avoid wearing tops or motives details because it will only make your upper body look wider.

As a counterweight, you may wear a motif or subordinate skirt with accents and details.

3. Hourglass body type

For those who have this model body, congratulations, because you don’t need to bother thinking about what is cool hijab for you. Your body is perfect and can be worn by any model. Your body shape, of course, just needs a little polish to appear cooler.

Wear the type of clothing material that can reduce some large parts of the body. For clothes, you can wear A-line dresses, or matching palazzo pants and outwear. For the hourglass body, you should avoid oversized tops because you can actually look drowned in his shirt.

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