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These Fishing Techniques Are Suitable For Beginners

The flying lining uses live bait. Selar, song, bloating and baby barracuda can also be used as bait for this technique. How to fish using this technique is a live bait left to swim away from the ship to get to the spot location while waiting for the fish to eat it. The targeted fish such as mackerel or barracuda fish then grab the live bait to make the live bait move and shift about 1 to 2 meters from its original position. The use of a balloon is tied so that the fish do not swim down and can be caught easily. Additionally, you can also use the basic fishing pole if you want the most comfortable pole for beginners.

Then, bottom fishing is the most basic and common technique used by anglers because it is very simple. For fishing with this technique, only a basic series is needed, then attach the bait, then float it into the sea and wait for the fish to grab.

This fishing technique, called bottom fishing, also uses fishing rods with real spinning or overhead reels or even just with your bare hands. Fishing with this technique must also use ballast such as lead or iron, but it depends on the speed of the currents in these waters.

Aside from that, trolling is generally used when the ship is running at 5-7 knots. The bait used by this technique is artificial bait for fishing mackerel and wahoo. Another bait used is a konehead that is shaped like a squid but with a striking color. Konehead bait is used for fishing marlin or sailfish.

Usually, the distance from the bait can reach 20 to 10 meters depending on the size of the bait itself. In addition, the trolling rod also uses an overhead type that is the real position on the top side of the rod. While there are 2 types of built parts for trolling rods, namely bent and straight.

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