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These Are Tips You Can Do When You Don’t Have Space For Business

These Are Tips You Can Do When You Don’t Have Space For Business

Barriers to people who have the desire to establish a business collide with the problem of the unavailability of a strategic place of business. Indeed there are many choices of business locations for rent. However, the problem is the strategic location tends to have expensive rent. While there is only limited capital, can we especially think about renting business space? Without a business space, we can’t start our business, and we can’t even start to develop our Channel Management skills at all, so what are the solutions for this particular problem?

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry because actually every problem has a solution. The solutions to this problem include:

You can use your place of residence. No matter whether your house is rented, or your own home. Why? because not all businesses need a strategic place, really!

You should choose a business that can be done anywhere. For example, a realtor’s business, online, call service, building contractor, and so forth.

You can invite to partner or look for business partners with people who have residential locations that are strategic but not utilized. You can offer benefits instead of rent. Or maybe if possible, you can borrow it for free.

You can submit an application at a government agency that has vacant land to make it a business location. Indeed, this method is not easy. Need bureaucratic slippage and acquaintances of bureaucratic people.

Utilizing “vacant land” that does not have a permanent owner. This method is usually used by traders who are on the edge of the road with a loading system. For example, fruit sellers, helmet food, and other street vendors. But this has a risk, that is, there is a risk of being chased by Satpol PP.

You can do business using a fleet of cars (such as pickups, cars, motorbikes) so you can move around in selling. There are so many examples, for example, mobile household appliances sellers, round tofu sellers, and others. If you don’t have a vehicle. You can use your shoulders and your knees to carry your merchandise.

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