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These Are 3 Tips To Choose Catering For Wedding Without Drying Your Wallet

These Are 3 Tips To Choose Catering For Wedding Without Drying Your Wallet

Catering is often one of the essential components that must be carefully calculated in the cost of wedding celebrations because it requires a large fee. However, you do not need to worry when ordering wedding catering because Wedding Experts share some tips for ordering catering without making a dry wallet. Meanwhile, if you need a good catering for your wedding, just call the Best Catering Company in Alpharetta GA.

Here are the 3 tips for you:

1. Check how many invitations will be spread

The first thing suggested by wedding experts is that prospective brides need to ensure the number of invitations to be spread. According to him, counting the number of guests will make it easier to present the right portion of the dish. Check then calculate the number of guests who will attend through the number of invitations. Assume one invitation for two people, then the budget will be twice the number of invitations. Estimates can be seen from whether they (prospective brides) first, last, middle, or single child? For first and single children, especially, the percentage of guest arrivals is usually higher

2. Avoid giving digital invitations

The second tip according to wedding experts is that brides need to avoid digital invitations through social media. According to them, the distribution of digital invitations could trigger unexpected expenses and catering dishes became less. So for example, there is a friend who should not be invited and even comes because the invitation is shared by someone who is not a bride.

3. Know the character of the majority of guests

Furthermore, the bride must also pay attention and know the character of the majority of invited guests. For example, guests are mostly from area A, whose characters don’t work if there isn’t a lot of rice in the menu.

Knowledge of the guest character can be seen from the background of the families of the two candidates. They assess the catering budget can be estimated also through the characteristics of menu choices that will be presented.

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