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There Are Some Problems That May Appear On Peace Lily’s Leaves

If the leaves droop more than usual and look withered, water the peace lilies immediately. Peace lilies can withstand drying several times, but chronic watering will kill plants. Therefore, you must know how to care for peace lily properly thoroughly.


More often than not, the tips of brown leaves show too much light. If you see the tip of a brown leaf, move your lily to a slightly more shady spot in your home. If the plant is in a place without much light, the tips of the brown leaves can be caused by chemicals in tap water.

This plant is quite sensitive to chemicals dissolved in your tap water. If you have this problem, use filtered water for your flowers. Similarly, the tip of chocolate can be caused by excessive fertilization. If you think this is the case, wait a while to re-fertilize the plant until the following spring.

In addition to the leaves turning brown, yellow leaves can mean a lot of things to peace lilies. Plants will naturally shed leaves at the base of the stem. If only these leaves turn yellow, don’t worry; your plants are fine. Other causes of yellow leaves include overwatering, watering, soil that is too dry, soil that is too wet, soil that is too much fertilizer, too much sun, or attacks.

Whatever is stressing the plant will cause the plant to turn yellow. If you see yellow leaves, conduct an investigation to determine what might be stressful for the plant.

Yellow leaves over lilies will never turn green again. Discard the yellow leaves with sharp scissors as close as possible to the base of the leaf. Removing the yellow leaves will help prevent insect attacks. This will also help the plant focus all of its energy on productive and living leaves, rather than sending energy to save dying leaves.

Over time, dust and particles in the air will settle on the lilies of your peace. Every 6 months, clean the leaves with a solution of very mild soapy water. Alternatively, place your plants in the sink and gently spray the leaves with the spray option on your tap.

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