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There Are Some Differences Between Drama And Theater

There Are Some Differences Between Drama And Theater

Drama and Theater are two words that we often use interchangeably because they are related to the performing arts. However, there are clear differences between these two words and in this article, we will see the difference between drama and theater. Apart from that, if you want to hold a theatrical play for children, we suggest you check out the best list of children’s plays.

Definition of Drama

Drama is the printed text of a play, in other words, a drama refers to the script of a play. The Theater Guide of British explains drama as “a branch of theater based on the representation of an event written in prose or pantomime intended to create and describe a conflict or event through acting.” The word “drama” comes from the Greek word, ‘dran’ meaning do or act. Like novels or other written literary works, people who enjoy drama have interpretations that are different from the context. In a drama, there is a direct interaction between the writer and the reader.

Understanding Theater

The term theater comes from the Greek term theasthai (to be seen). Theater refers to the actual production of the play on the stage. This requires the stage, actors, background, costumes, lighting, sound effects, and most importantly the audience. In fact, space to perform, actors, and audiences are the three most basic requirements of theater.

The theater is a collective effort of drama writers, directors, actors, technicians, and many others. Here, there is no direct interaction between the audience and the scriptwriter. Theater can present other interpretations of the play. For example, the interpretation we get from reading Shakespeare’s Macbeth might be different from the interpretation presented by the Macbeth theater performance.

Difference Between Drama and Theater

The main difference between drama and theater is that drama refers to the printed text of a drama while theater refers to the production on the stage of the drama. Another difference between the two terms is the interpretation of the game. The interpretation of the drama presented by the production on the stage may differ from the interpretation obtained by reading the drama.

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