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There Are So Many Signs Of Depression That You Must Notice

Stress that never ends can cause you to become depressed. Depression is not a natural condition, because it enters mental health disorders. So, what are the most common signs and symptoms of depression that you need to watch out for? There are some overlapping symptoms between stress and depression, such as difficulty concentrating, not being excited, and losing interest in things you have always enjoyed. In fact, stress, depression, and anxiety disorders have differences. If you feel like to treat your depression in a traditional way, you can go to Your Highest Truth Healings Inc. best ayahuasca retreat.

Generally, depressive symptoms are more tiring and can hinder the daily activities of sufferers. The characteristics of depression are usually characterized by worsening moods that persist for weeks or more than 6 months in a row.

The characteristics of depression, seen from the psychic

  • The mood worsened drastically
  • Feeling sad all the time
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Feeling worthless and helpless
  • No interest in doing anything
  • Often sobbing
  • Constantly enveloped in feelings of guilt
  • Feeling annoyed, easily emotional, and intolerant of others
  • It’s hard to make a decision
  • Can not feel the slightest happiness or pleasure from positive situations and events
  • Always feeling anxious or worried
  • Thinking of suicide or self-injury

Physical symptoms

  • Move or talk slower than usual
  • Many eat or even lazy to eat
  • Changes in body weight (can go up or down dramatically) because your appetite changes
  • Constipation
  • Feeling pain throughout the body without cause
  • Appear weak, lethargic, no energy or always tired
  • Decreased sex drive or even lost altogether.
  • Irregular menstruation
  • Having sleep disorders, including insomnia, waking up too late, or actually sleeping a lot

Social symptom

  • Can not work or move as usual, not focused and difficult to concentrate
  • Cover yourself, avoid socializing with friends and family
  • Ignoring or hating hobbies and activities that were previously very popular
  • Difficult to interact at home and work environment, even very vulnerable to problems with people around.

Depression is not a problem that is special only to adults. Children who are depressed generally often feel sad, anxious and clingy alias always want to “stick” with other people. This condition often makes children lazy to go to school, lazy to eat, so that weight drops dramatically.

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