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The Relation Of A Roof’s Tilt Angle And A House’s Canopy

A good canopy roof is a roof that has a right tilt angle so that it can deliver rainwater down and prevent the roof from inundation. With a good roof structure, the house will avoid leakage. The slope angle of the roof needs to be considered because it can protect your home and ward off rain and wind that come together. To install a canopy on the porch of your house, please note the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Meanwhile, if you want to measure the slope of your roof, we suggest you visit and find out which laser level device that can help you.

Wave canopy or spandex

Canopy with spandex material is aluminum or zinc which is very thin. This layer is very suitable for canopies, both with an iron frame, mild steel, and wood. The strength of the spandek canopy can be used up to 10 years, but unfortunately, the thin spandek roof does not seem sturdy especially if stepped on during installation will be easily dented. If you want to make a canopy with spandex material, the recommended slope level is 5 to 25 degrees. The steeper the angle of the roof, the easier it will be blown by strong winds.

Glass Canopy

More and more homes, offices, and buildings with canopies and skylights to use glass to increase the aesthetic value and increase room lighting. To make a glass canopy, you need a very gentle slope, which can be between 2 and 90 degrees. Even though it looks beautiful, the tilt angle in the glass canopy is a source of problems that can become a danger in the future.

Polycarbonate canopy

Many benefits can be obtained from the canopy of polycarbonate materials, including the canopy so that it looks light but is sturdy and strong. In addition, this material is also safe to be applied anywhere, so installation is quite fast and simple. By using polycarbonate canopy material, it will look more modern and simple. For polycarbonate material canopies, sloping angles are needed more than the roof of the wave, which is more than 2 degrees or at least 1.5% of the span length. For example, if the canopy is up to 6m, then the highest side plane is 9cm and the lowest is 0cm.

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