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The proper way to use and the maintenance of cargo hooks

The proper way to use and the maintenance of cargo hooks

Continuous use of cargo hooks certainly requires proper usage and maintenance guidelines for the cargo hook to function properly. Meanwhile, you may want to see breeze eastern corporation cargo hooks as well.

Here we will share information about these tips, check out the following information:

A.How to Use

The correct use of cargo hooks affects the life of the hook, the following tips for using a cargo hook for you:

Do not use the cargo in the wrong position that is on the sloping position, use the cargo hook in a straight position.

Do not use a hook with a blocked position of an object or beam.

Do not use a hook if the hook has stretched to 5% of the original shape.

When using make sure all wire rope positions, chain and webbing sling are in the correct state so as not to be pinched latch kit.

If the hook is bent or cracked do not make repairs with heated, pressed, or burned.

For the use of hook must be done with magnetic particle inspection and Dye Penetrant advance by experienced people on a regular basis.

Do not use hooks on loads that exceed the value of the working load limit.

When using make sure the position of the latch kit is locked properly, and the middle position of the indentation.

B. How to Care

Once you know some tips on using the right hook cargo, here we will share information on how to care for the right cargo hook:

Perform periodic checks of this to detect any damage to the cargo hook so that it can easily be solved if you have crack problems, crooked and others.

If the hook is already bending, do not try to straighten it yourself because it will damage the hook should do the repair by experts.

Always note the physical condition of the cargo hook.

Put the cargo hook in the correct position after use, not in place in the wet or dirty because it will make the cargo hook becomes quickly damaged.

Do not let the cargo hooks are piled up by heavy objects because they will cause cracks on the surface of the hook cargo if it exceeds the specified load.

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