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The Positive Impact Of The Tight Security In The Concert Area

In a big concert, the Event Organizer will place quite a several security squad units from the committee team or the police. These security units will generally be deployed throughout the concert area, starting from the entrance, the audience area, the gathering place for the committee and musicians, to the exit. To facilitate their security duties, they will use ham radio as a means of communication to make it easier for each security officer to coordinate because the range of this tool is so wide that it can be used up to a distance of approximately 2 kilometers. In the audience area, security guards will be deployed at many points. This aims to anticipate clashes or other detrimental actions by the audience.

With many security officers in the area, it is hoped that the audience will feel safe and protected and will feel supervised so that they do not do things that can disturb other spectators. For musicians, security officers are assigned to secure them, starting from the trip to the concert location, while in the tent, when performing on stage, to the return trip after the concert ends. The security officers will always escort the musicians to ensure their safety.

In addition to security guards, a concert also requires security from surveillance cameras. The camera can be placed at several points, such as parking areas, entrances, audience areas, around the stage, as well as the committee and musicians’ tents. The existence of surveillance cameras can monitor the movement of people and detect things that are considered suspicious that cannot be monitored by security officers. By informing the audience that the music concert area is filled with surveillance cameras, they can be more careful and at the same time feel safe because their every move will always be under surveillance.

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