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The Importance Of Prayer In Life

Prayer and remembering God are two interrelated activities. In the recitation of prayer after prayer begins hearing because a servant is highly recommended to always give praise to God Almighty for his majesty and power, but even a servant is required to always pray (ask forgiveness, help only to God), how arrogant people who never pray to God as if he did not need Jesus Christ and can live alone without the help of the Almighty. Especially in sickness, the one that could help us is Jesus Himself, so it is important to pray and ask for health. You could use miracle healing prayer to help you heal.

Everything that happens and everything in the sky, the earth, and its contents may be intervened by the Lord Almighty how not, our lives on this earth have been arranged and become His will but something that is bad in our lives and ourselves can be changed by good actions (changes) but we also don’t forget to pray thatGod always bless and make blessings for our lives in the world and the hereafter. The application of prayer in daily life is very important, where people who are experts in prayer will be God bestow a good life, comfortable, peaceful, and in His protection. The importance of prayer is in daily life can print people who fear that they have a strong faith. Prater helps us avoiding disgraceful deeds and fostering the love of God to his servant.

Our prophets are prayer. They prayed all the time, alone, during the war, and peace. The prophet mentions that prayer is the core of worship. Worship itself is forever a medium so that the servant can be close to Him and be connected physically and spiritually with his Lord. In daily life, praying is very important to apply especially because these activities are the relationship between a servant and God. Prayer should be a practice that continues to be carried out by the servants of the faithful. So when making prayer as a priority then we can avoid being arrogant and ignorant.

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