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The History of eBay

The History of eBay

eBay is an e-commerce site that brings sellers and buyers from around the world to be able to make transactions. The model of this site is a lot of that circulating on the internet, but that distinguishes eBay with other e-commerce sites, is initially eBay is an auction site that sells goods that fall into the category of ‘collectible’ or rare items, for example ancient coins, stamps, As time goes by and also the demand for additional categories of goods, eBay develops a list of products that can be sold within 40 more categories. Get Ebay franchise by visiting our website.

Compared to similar sites eBay is a leader in online trading and online auction. Why eBay is a leader in this category of online sites, this is because eBay has a visitor number of at least 902 million visitors per year, this is 3 times the number of visitors from sites with the same category. With so many visitors who are always logged on this site every day eBay can allow sellers on this site to expand their business to a level that is difficult to imagine. There have been many people who managed to achieve his dream by selling through this site.

eBay was established by Pierre Omidyar in 1995 as AuctionWeb, part of a personal website that includes, Omidyar’s contribution to the Ebola virus. The web was owned by Echo Bay Technology Group originally, Omidyar consultant firm. He has tried to register the domain name but the name has been owned by someone else. The headquartered in San Jose, California, the president of eBay and its CEO since March 1998 was Meg Whitman. eBay is the biggest one now because it has successfully used the momentum as the first to get as many users as possible. Initially, it was done by offering his service for free. After the user started a lot, then eBay began to charge paid the listing fee.

At that time, some competitors began to appear and some even offer a free listing fee. Fortunately for eBay, at that time the number of users his website has reached a lot. Even when the giant Yahoo! open Yahoo! Auctions and offer listing fees for free as well, eBay is not affected. Some eBay users who were tempted to bid Yahoo! and switched there eventually back to eBay’s lap because of which buyers could not find many sellers; and that the sellers could not find many buyers.

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