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The Best Material For Cheeseboard

The Best Material For Cheeseboard

Cheese boards made of natural stone such as slate and marble are the best choices for cheese presentations because of their beautiful shapes and colors. Marble cheese boards, in particular, feature an elegant and cool surface to put cheese on it and keep the temperature stable and not easily absorb the smell like a cheese board made of wood. A cheese board made of marble maintains the best temperature for your cheese so that it stays cool and doesn’t melt easily. Marble is the most appropriate choice of cheese board if you want to serve cheese outdoors or when the day’s temperatures are hot because as mentioned marble will keep the temperature of the cheese cool. But keep in mind that serving the most appropriate cheese is at room temperature.

While slate is one material that can be said to be quite new for the choice of cheese boards even though it is widely used as a building material. The advantage of this stone when compared to marble is that it is not porous so it will not absorb odors from the surrounding environment, does not absorb stains so it does not change easily and is resistant to high acidic foods. Cheeseboard made of good quality slate stone is not easily porous or peeled so it is suitable to be used as your chosen cheese board. With mineral oil, it will keep the surface shiny and maintain the durability of the board.

However, proper care is the most appropriate way to ensure your cheeseboard will last for a long period of time. As much as possible avoid the cheese board from the scratches of knives and other cutlery. Porous stones like marble are also easy to absorb odors so clean them as soon as you use them. Don’t forget to apply mineral oil to keep your cheeseboard shine and protect the surface.

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