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The benefits of honey for kids and toddlers

The benefits of honey for kids and toddlers

Honey has a myriad of benefits for the body in terms of health, healing and supporting the body’s immune system. Here is a list of benefits that honey can be obtained for the child’s body. In the meantime, perhaps you need to check out the popular and highly recommended honey, the best manuka honey brand.

Supporting Growth

Children certainly need a lot of nutrients and nutrients that support the early growth of his age. In its early days, the body’s cells and major organs are growing rapidly to prepare for a more complex lifespan with the growing maturity of the child’s age. Consuming honey will help the process of growth of cells and tissues become more optimal. Give daily honey on a daily basis with a dose of 1 tablespoon to maximize the growth process.

Brain Intelligence

As parents must know that childhood is a golden period of brain development and other aspects of a human being. Therefore, 0-5 years of age is the most appropriate time to supply the best nutritional needs for children that will be useful throughout life later. Provision of nutrients one of them can be given through the consumption of honey in which honey play very well for the development of brain function and intelligence of children. Give a dose of honey once a day every day so that children get the maximum benefit. Instead, make sure you know exactly what kind of honey is consumed by the child whether pure honey or has been mixed with other ingredients to further maximize the function that can be given into the child’s body.

Healthy Digestive System

In addition to the good role of brain intelligence and growth functions of children, honey is also good for the healthy digestive system of children. Honey contains a number of good bacteria that serves as a crush of bad bacteria in the intestine due to food or metabolic system of the body’s natural. Examples are 6 types of lactobacilli and 4 species of bifidobacteria. These friendly bacteria will kill the bad bacteria in the gut.

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