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Strategies to Penetrate Foreign Markets through Internet

Strategies to Penetrate Foreign Markets through Internet

The Internet is a world computer network, which knows no borders between countries. We can connect with anyone on the other side of the world via the Internet so easily. With such characters, the Internet should be used as a medium to penetrate export markets. We can sell goods overseas without having to do exhibitions abroad or meet directly with prospective buyers directly.

If we manage to penetrate export market only through Internet, then our business margin will be high, considering one of the biggest expense of exporter is the cost of promotion of roadshow abroad. Therefore to optimize your sales, it would be better if you advertise your products or services on the internet with the help of Craigslist Posting Service for your campaign can be more optimal. Get out of it, here are some strategies you can also do!

Has a Market-Compatible Website.
Having a website is the first step that must be done to penetrate export via the Internet. Through this website, prospective buyers get as comprehensive information as possible about who we are, what goods are produced, how much production capacity, how the quality of goods, as well as other supporting information. Think of this as a catalog of products that are usually printed by exporters and distributed to prospective buyers in various countries. The difference, on the website we can update the products easily and quickly so that prospective buyers always get the latest information.

Search Engine Friendly
Internet users have special behavior in terms of finding product information. They do not really like to go straight to a company’s website and look for product information there. They prefer to search through search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN Live and others. Statistics from various research institutions show, about 68% of Internet users searching for product information through search engines.

Mastering the Right Keyword
If we sell furniture, then we have to audit, whether when Internet user’s type keywords or keywords related to that furniture, our site is on the search results page strategic? It does not have to be number one search result. Being on page one of the search results is pretty good. After all, Internet users are still willing to read the search results to page five.

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