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Storytelling is A Fun Thing To Do

Storytelling is A Fun Thing To Do

The world of fairy tales is a wonderful world, especially for children. Through a fairy tale, a communication and emotional closeness can be achieved. Transfer of the values ??contained in a myth can be more easily understood. Storytelling today can be event entertainment ideas.

Everyone can be a good storyteller, especially for educators both in formal and no formal education. Storytelling is a productive spoken language skill that is part of the speaking skills, so there is no reason a teacher can not tell stories. Storytelling can be used as media in the process of teaching and learning activities.

As for parents, storytelling for children can strengthen communication with the baby and improve emotional inner attachment between parents and children. Many parents are too preoccupied with their business so they do not have time to tell stories or if they do not know how to tell a good story.

No need to be a professional storyteller if you want to accept your story by others, just know some good storytelling techniques for a communication and emotional closeness can be achieved through our fairy tale.

The most important is how we tell the fairy tale. The sequence of words and sound effects conveyed should be created so as not to be boring. The pronunciation of speech must be intriguing, loud, and clear. Voice intonation follows the story line when it sounds loud or soft. Sounds may be different between characters and narrators. One of the most favored by children is to imitate sound.

Choose the type of story according to the age of the children. For 3-8-year-olds, try storytelling funny things with animal characterizations or fable stories (animals, plants, talking things). As for the age of 8-12 years, can tell stories about history that displays the soul of child patriotism such as heroic figures. To note is to start storytelling in a way that is short, dense and precise in order to attract the attention of the listener. The opening is a reflection of the content of good storytelling.

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