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Some Types of Dangerous Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes certainly have various health hazards that can stalk the human. There are many types of mosquitoes that can harm people. Therefore, You are advised to eradicate mosquitoes as soon as possible when you see them in your house. You will probably need an Asheville Pest Control to know exactly what you can do to eradicate mosquitoes in your home.

Many people who really do not like the condition if at their home there are many mosquitoes that can interfere with health. Because mosquitoes have many dangers that could have made your health decline. In fact, there are several types of mosquitoes that can bring diseases harmful to human health, such as

– Culex mosquito
This type of mosquito breeds in aqueducts, puddles of rain or in dark places, like the corners of the house. the disease that the mosquitoes need to watch out for is elephantiasis. This mosquito spreads the filarial parasite as the cause of the disease through its bite. The parasite causes a blockage of the lymph vessels in the leg or arm. And causes enormous swelling. Although, not as a deadly disease, but still cause a very bad impact and disrupt the daily activities because there is no treatment that can cure him.

– Anopheles mosquito
This mosquito can transmit the Plasmodium parasite that causes malaria. Mosquitoes that transmit these parasites are usually female because it requires blood as a protein to ripen the eggs. This type of mosquito usually like areas that have high humidity above 60%. These mosquitoes usually enter the house when at 5 to 10 at night. Anopheles mosquitoes are commonly found in plantation areas and rice fields.

– Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes
Unlike the other two types of mosquitoes, mosquitoes are active during the day. Elain spread the dengue virus, this mosquito is also known to cause dangerous virus in pregnant women because it can cause the baby to be disabled. This is because the baby’s brain shrinks so that the child’s development becomes obstructed and the child’s age becomes not long. So, you should be vigilant, especially if there is climate change because of these mosquitoes out at that time.

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