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Some Duties Of Mason That We Don’t Know

Some Duties Of Mason That We Don’t Know

In buildings, there are various reinforced concrete works, such as columns, beams, stairs, walls, not concrete or floor plates, as well as gears and roof truss. Other building elements that also require concrete construction, such as list planks, consoles, canopies, kitchen tables and so on.
Reinforced concrete is also needed to make roads and bridges. Closely related to concrete work, they must also be able to make the right mix according to specifications, perform casting and compaction, as well as maintenance (hardening and release of concrete formwork). With the help of the Deputy Inspector Fullerton CA expert, you can find out if your structural concrete installation is in accordance with the standard.

Installing the wall and finishing it

Craftsmen are required to be able to install walls from artificial stone material (red brick, brick, and light brick ) neatly, upright, flat, and guaranteed strength. The other workers must know the characteristics of the material, such as the special treatment needed, before and after pairing, or the mix of species needed. Regarding the pair of walls, it was not only finished when the wall was installed, but the craftsman also had to be able to make finishing. These jobs include making plastering, cleaning, wall tile installation, and various types of ornamental natural stones.

Carry out floor work

Installation of the floor that must be mastered includes the floor of the inside and outside space (carport, yard, and footpath) in dry and wet areas. Floor material includes terrazzo, ceramics, granite, marble and various types of natural stone, red brick, concrete rebates, block, or brush coral. Mason must also be able to work on concrete floor screeds.

Install sanitation and environmental equipment

Builders must be able to make conventional tubs and install sanitary ware, such as bathtubs, toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and sinks. He was also demanded to be able to make septic tanks and infiltration wells, as well as sewage channels around the building. He can also be asked to do building additions, such as ponds and decorative stone walls.

Do related work

Some other expertise related to stone and concrete work, for example, checking the quality of materials (sand, stone, split, cement), estimating material requirements, making simple  scaffolding, operating heavy equipment, stampers, and vibrators, as well as maintaining stone and concrete work equipment. Mason must also be able to maintain the cleanliness of the work environment. Especially cleaning stucco or concrete that dries not in place, or dismantles the scaffold.

Coordinate with other parties

Mason must also be able to coordinate with other workers. Such as coordinating with  ironworkers related to repair or reinforcement or with carpenters related to making formwork. He also must be able to assign and inspect the work of the assistant or his assistant properly so that they help optimally.

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