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Sharing Economy Can Make a Competitive Logistics Sector

Feel free to adopt technology and business model sharing economy to increase logistic costs. For archipelagic countries, there needs to be a revolution in the logistics sector and supply chain work because the archipelagic State becomes one of the most competitive and economically attractive markets in ASEAN when it changes the way of thinking about efficiency in supply chain processes and adoption of new technologies. The new technologies and processes will not only make the logistics sector more effective but also allow local players to compete and do business with major operators in the industry. El Mar Logistics is a logistics company that utilizes technological advances and missal adoption for a new logistics management approach. The company offers an attractive and neutral packaging-based platform for end-to-end enterprise supply chain management in emerging markets that connect senders and carriers for cost, improves performance and continues to drive supply chain optimization through Open Enterprise Logistics. Currently, the logistics costs of trucks covering 72% of the transportation logistics costs for it required a neutral and transparent market approach in connecting shippers with truckloads to deliver substantial savings, increased efficiency, reduced third parties and increased supply chain visibility.

According to a global scale consulting firm, the move from El Mar Logistics can be a key method of reducing costs. This item allows purchases to be made on demand. In addition, as a common network platform, significant efficiency improvements can be realized by reducing the number of empty trucks through backhaul and share loads. It is considered capable of reducing logistic costs for shipping companies from outside or within the country by up to 30% and maximizing margins for domestic transport providers by increasing the utilization and utilization of company assets. At El Mar Logistics companies understand the challenges of developing countries like most archipelagic countries. Through innovative technology, El Mar Logistics would like to bring better connectivity in logistics to the archipelagic State and certainly to help improve the supply chain performance of the archipelago Country.

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