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Saving the meal budget for boarding students

Saving the meal budget for boarding students

As a overseas student, what do you think is the main spending? Certainly one of them the cost of eating. This is also a curtain a friend some time ago, the monthly expenses to swell because much spent on snacks. If you want to know the exact price for your snack, you can visit our website and find out Waffle House menu prices. The impact he felt when entering the end of the month, the condition of his wallet-thinning. Finally, he was determined to reduce the cost of eating per day and to this day he managed to keep it. Here are some tips for boarding students who want to save on food costs.

1. Cook yourself or cook with friends

Why is it recommended to cook yourself? It’s because by preparing your own food, the expense of the meal is getting lighter. Rice, vegetables, and more can be obtained at a cheaper price than buying finished food. If it is possible for you to go home to your parents every week, you can also bring home groceries for a pack at the boardinghouse.

Another thing you can do is cook with friends. This activity has several advantages. First, cooking will be more exciting because it is done rollicking. Second, the cost can be more minimal because it is shared. Third, your friend may be willing to cook for you.

2. Arrange the menu per week

By arranging a menu per week, you have a clear picture of the ingredients you need, so when you go to the supermarket, you already know what to buy.

3. Hunting discounts and shopping sparingly

When going to buy groceries, do not forget to check the discounts available. You can follow supermarket accounts and promotional accounts in social media that can help you to save expenses. Buy enough ingredients and do not forget to check the expiration date. Do not you spend too much food so wasteful. It would be better if you list the list of foods you want to buy before shopping and do not buy food without planning so your budget is not broken. Afterwards, save the materials you buy at the recommended place.

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