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How to remind your coach when he is wrong

It’s true that during a basketball practice Jon Hughes, you can expect the coach can be quite strict sometimes. It’s true that he is a person who excels in this sports, and with his experiences and knowledge, you can expect him to give so many valuable information, techniques, strategies, and also some insights for the team. Unfortunately, despite the fact that your coach can be very good, and he can also be as good as the recommended Jon Hughes, you may still find out soon enough that he is actually imperfect just like anyone else.

So perhaps when he makes mistakes, you and your team need to remind him that his teachings or methods are no longer going to work against your rivals in the next tournament. However, telling the older people that they’re wrong directly can be hard, especially if you and your team members aren’t showing any sign of respect toward him. So bear in mind to approach him slowly and appropriately, due to the gap between your age with him can be quite a strong barrier. Be nice to him first and also listen to everything that he has to say for the sake of the team. Then, after he becomes more open to the entire team, you may suggest one or two things to him when the mood and the time are right.

There are so many ways that you can do in order to get closer to the older people. Perhaps treating him some drinks or coffee can boost his mood and trust up little by little. On the other hand, buying him lunch for once in a while can be a good idea as well. Once he has become more open to the team, then it can be the right time for you guys to share your complaints to him politely and appropriately. On the other hand, even some coaches who have felt comfort near their team members may be brave enough to ask about things that his team might dislike from the way he teaches them.

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