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Recognize Where is the Right Apartment Position For You to Live

Recognize Where is the Right Apartment Position For You to Live

Apartments are certainly an important thing for some people because the location is usually strategic and located in the city center and become part of life in the city. then, everyone who will choose it as a place of residence such as marina one condo, will usually choose it very carefully and not carelessly, because it will affect their survival.

The position or position facing a vertical dwelling like an apartment will determine its price. Apartment with a higher floor position and have an attractive view of the view, of course, charged different prices. That means the more captivating the view that can be seen, the higher the price of the apartment. So, identify where you will buy or rent an apartment you want.

– The position of the apartment floor

Beautiful scenery is everyone’s dream. Generally, people will choose the eighth-floor apartment upwards because it presents a beautiful view. For example, apartments in big cities will spoil the eye with city views under the blue sky. However, for certain apartments, there is an additional cost in order to get a unit with the view. The second benefit, the noise feels lower with the higher position of the apartment floor. In addition, the security of the upstairs position is relatively more secure though not a certainty. On the other hand, there is a shortage of apartment positions on the upper floors, including difficulties incorporating furniture.

– Direction facing

Considering the direction of the face is also important when choosing the position of apartment units. Different sights on each side to be unique in the apartment owned. For example, there are apartment rooms on the north and east facing the street, the south side facing the garden and pool, and the west side facing the surrounding neighborhoods. The facing direction factor usually determines the price of the apartment. The more beautiful the scenery can be seen, the higher the price automatically.

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