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Protect your kids from sexual abuse

Protect your kids from sexual abuse

As parents, of course, we try to keep children from the danger of sexual crimes. However, the ability of predators of sexual crimes to control the victim , either by trickery or by threat, does make this evil difficult to avoid. Without intent to scare, it’s not impossible, your child-even the toddler-to-be the next target. To anticipate and protect children, these are the suggestions and instructions that are important to you to know. Meanwhile, you may also need to use Keep Kids Safe Gps Tracker for monitoring your kid’s location all day.

Use the actual term

When you teach the child, “This is called the nose, this is the leg”, introduce genitalia with the original term. Get into the habit of calling ‘penis’ for boys and ‘vagina’ for girls – it’s no different from calling other organs. Habituation using the original term is the first step of child sex education. Whenever a child experiences a sexual crime, he or she may communicate it in a language understood by others.

Teach the concept of privacy

Tell the child that not everyone can see, let alone touch his genitals. Teach him who is allowed, and under what circumstances. For example, maybe by a doctor when checking, or caregiver while bathing. You also must support the child in maintaining his privacy, for example by not extending the child in public when changing clothes at the edge of the pool or beach, for example. Make it a habit to invite the child to change his clothes in an enclosed space, although for that you may be more troublesome. Also, avoid uploading photos of children naked on social networking sites. You never know of the threat of predators guerrilla in cyberspace.

Distinguish types of touch

Teach children about the touch on the body. There are three types of touch that children need to know: 1. Good touch and allow, ie touch from others using hands that are done on the body above the shoulders and under the knees, which is a touch of affection, like caressing the head and pinching the cheek. 2. Touch should be alerted because it is confusing to judge it as intended or accidental, which is a touch under the shoulder up to the child’s knee. 3. The touch is ugly and forbidden, that is, other people touch the body part that is covered in swimsuits. If there is a touch in this area, the child must dare to refuse and say firmly, for example by saying, “Do not touch me!”

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