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Prevent Your Hair Damage!

Having unruly hair is sometimes annoying, so the hair looks neat and not fluffy finally you prefer to always straighten hair before doing activities outside for your appearance look maximal. Therefore, Choosing a good and quality hair straightener is very important, because the ceramic layer has a lower heat conductivity and is certainly safer for our hair than the hair straightener made of iron. You can visit our website to get information about Hair straightening tools. On our website, we provide reviews of some brands of hair straightener. You can compare the ability and also the price of the tool, select the appropriate to the needs and budget you have.

Tips to prevent and reduce hair damage due to hair straightener are as follows:

1. Wear conditioner and heat protector before vise
Use a moisturizer or conditioner on hair after shampooing, to make hair feel softer also avoid from rough and dull conditions. While the use of heat protector is used before the hair straighten, useful to constrict the silicone layer to your hair. The silicon acts as a barrier and protector between hair with heat effect. Good thing, heat protector can help keep your hair smooth and straight after pegged.

2. Set the temperature of the hair straightener as low as possible
To avoid severe damage to the hair layer, try adjusting the temperature on the hair straightener as low as possible. Because high temperatures can cause more damage. Tips set the temperature as low as possible and allow a few moments until maximum heat, then you can straighten your hair while minimizing damage caused by excessive heat.

3. Perform hair care as often as possible
Balance hair with hair. Do hair care such as creambath, hair spa, or hair mask with traditional ingredients to repair your hair damage.

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