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Permanent Fish Pond Maintenance

Fish pond and all their equipment need to be cared for properly. During the maintenance period, fish ponds are always flooded, rainy, polluted with mud and garbage, or are roasted by the hot sun. As a result, ponds often experience damage, for example leaking or cracked embankments, clogged gates, and shallow Caren covered with mud or garbage. Also, there are a lot of wild animals and organisms that live in or around fish ponds that are included in the category of destructive animals, namely crabs, rats, etc.

If the fish pond is not maintained properly, it will not only reduce its function, but there will be no benefit at all. Therefore, pond maintenance is not only about protecting and repairing it from damage, but at the same time restoring its function and use as a suitable place to raise fish. Some parts of fish ponds that need to be regularly maintained or repaired are embankments, ditches, water gates, and filters or cover boards, including;

1. Patching the damaged part of the embankment with cement or a mixture of cement and sand. Minor damage to the permanent embankment is usually in the form of leaks and grime.
2. Injector clogs the part of the embankment that is cracked. If the crack is small, just inject it with cement. But if the crack is severe enough, you have to inject it with a mixture of cement and sand.
3. Clogging the small holes under the embankment foundation with sandy clay. Clogged soil was piled on top of the hole, then trampled hard.
4. Clean the crevices of wooden planks and sluice filters which are covered by mud and moss. Meanwhile, damaged wooden planks must be replaced.
5. Remove mud, leftover feed and dirt, and garbage that has been piled up in the Caren. Caren was remade according to its original shape.
6. Clean the drains around the pool. Plant roots outside the pond that penetrate the embankment are cut or pulled.

After each harvest, the embankments on the two nisi and the top are cleaned by using a hoe. Spread this soil into the middle of the pond (not cared). Plug the embankment with a hole or leak with the ground surface of the pool that is crushed. Close the hole (leak), then press it with your heel until it is filled solid. Then, the embankment was overlaid with new soil which had also been crushed. Remove mud, garbage, and other sediment that has accumulated in Caren. Then, repair or create a new Carenwith the shape and size as before.

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