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Peppermint: Awaiting the Return of Action Jennifer Garner

Long does not appear in the action genre film, actress Jennifer Garner again tried to show her charm in a film full of action scenes. Titled Peppermint, Jennifer Garner will showcase her shrewdness in holding a weapon. Awakened from a coma, but finding sadness is not a natural thing for a young mother. He must be willing to lose his husband and beloved child. The thing that comes to mind in Riley North (Jennifer Garner) is when her husband and child are brutally slaughtered by a gang. However, justice seemed far away, when the police did not dare to take action against this gang group. Even a judge and prosecutor did not dare to punish the gang that had destroyed Riley’s family. Watch this movie on 123 movies.

His life is increasingly frustrating. However, due to his strong determination to expect justice, Riley then sought his own way to fight the corrupt government and prosecutors and of course find out the origins of the gang group. Unfortunately, this plan is not easy. The police also kissed Riley’s plan that suddenly disappeared in quite a long time. Riley is under two pressures, the gang, and the police. Can Riley fight for the justice he wants? Find out by visiting 123 movies.

It’s been a while since Jennifer Garner hasn’t played an action movie. In recent years, Jennifer has played more in drama and comedy films such as Dallas Buyers Club, Nine Lives, Wakefield The Tribes of Palos Verdes to Love Simon. The last time Jennifer Garner played in an action film you could see in the story of The Kingdom and Elektra which received sharp criticism from the audience at that time. However, this time Jennifer Garner dared to take a new decision to get involved in an action film.

Directed by Pierre Morel who was once successful with Taken, Peppermint is indeed worth the wait for those who love action films that involve shootouts. What is the movie like? Can it penetrate the box office? At least, as of this writing, Peppermint is ranked second in the Box Office film with an income of up to $ 1,763,942 based on data from Box Office Mojo.

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