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Parents Must Know Negative Impacts Of Their Divorce On Their Children

Parents Must Know Negative Impacts Of Their Divorce On Their Children

No married couple would expect to end in divorce. But in fact, the divorce rate continues to increase due to various kinds of things. A marriage that is not harmonious usually stays in the corner and decides to divorce. It’s good to reconsider. Because there are negative effects of parental divorce, not least in children under the age of 5 years.

Do you want to know what are the effects? Here are some of the negative effects of divorce on children:

It increases psychological problems in children

Regardless of age, gender, and culture, research shows that children of divorced parents tend to experience an increase in psychological problems. It can be said that divorce can increase mental health risks in children and adolescents. So, pay attention to the child’s behavior!

Children will be more easily worried

No exception children under 5 years old, they also need adjustments to “understand” what happens in the marriage of both parents. In a few months, the change in the attitude of the child will see. Research also shows that the level of depression and anxiety levels of child victims of divorce will tend to increase.

Unstable child emotions

You have to know, even though it’s still small, children can feel the tension of divorce that happens you know! Now the tension experienced by this child can affect his emotions. Children tend to be more irritable, want to be always close to their parents, and not infrequently have an effect on their developmental delays. So even though the child looks fine, keep track of its development!

Children become easy to cry

Children also tend to be whinier. This method is considered as a step to get the attention of his two parents.

Difficulty sleeping

Does the child experience sleep disorders after you divorce your partner? This could be the impact of divorce on children. Children tend to have difficulty falling asleep or don’t even dare to sleep alone. So that children do not feel lost love, still take the time to go with children and ex-spouses until the child understands what happened to both parents. Lower the ego so that divorce does not affect its development.

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