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Nursing Homes in Lincoln NE Near Me Recommendation

Nursing Homes in Lincoln NE Near Me Recommendation

A nursing home is the best place for anyone who can’t be cared for at home or in a hospital. There are numerous nursing homes in Lincoln NE that offers different amenities and services. They provide 24-hour staff who can help you with assistance and medical services. It includes medical care, physical, speech or occupational therapy for every resident. The residents will feel comfortable surrounded by such a warmhearted community. Make sure you decide what best for your loved ones.

If you are living in Lincoln and looking for the right nursing home, here’s the recommendation of nursing homes near me you need to know.

Best Nursing Homes in Lincoln NE Near Me

1. Eastmont Towers

Eastmont Towers provides assisted living, independent living, and nursing home. This nursing home in Lincoln NE had a facility as an option for residents who want to live around others in their age. They can accommodate who are severely require and informed help with day-to-day activities but need to have access to health care services frequently. Eastmont Towers offers so many amenities and services to residents, including on-site maintenance, housekeeping, in-room cable TV, and in-room emergency call system.

There is also a communal dining room, a book collection, a swimming pool, a common living area, a computer room, and other features. They offer multiple medical services including occupational therapy, physical therapy, general help with personal care, foot care services and medication.

2. Waverly Care Center

Waverly Care Center is one of the nursing homes in Lincoln NE that also offer assisted living. This nursing home can be a good option for residents who can’t live alone and who need a higher level of medical attention and support. Waverly Care Center provides services and amenities, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, medication, pain management, and nurses on staff as their medical services.

They also offered are outdoor walking paths, a community dining room, an outdoor garden, a book collection, an on-site cafe and many other facilities. Residents can enjoy various recreational activities, such as wellness and health programs, TV and movie nights, spiritual or religious activities, and off-site field trips.

That’s about a nursing home in Lincoln NE recommendation near me that you should know. Hope it will be useful information for you who look for it.

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